Make Me Listen



***A portion of the proceeds from sales of Make Me Listen will benefit Dogs for Better Lives!***

ALWAYS Book Three

It was all background noise, until he made her stop and listen
Chase is tough, snarky, witty and fiercely loyal to her family. She is also hearing impaired, which makes the world around her sound like white noise a lot of the time. But that’s okay, she can deal. It’s not like she’s actually deaf, and she’s learned to lip read…when it suits her. 
What she can’t deal with is guys like Caden, who think their looks and charm will win her over. They won’t because Chase has zero interest in pursuing a relationship with someone who’s leaving the country soon. What would be the point?
Well, there is the fun they have together. The way Caden shows he cares about things greater than himself, like abandoned dogs. There’s his smile, his eyes and his wicked sense of humour.
In fact, if Chase ever admitted it to herself, she might say Caden is just about perfect.
Until he reminds her that the male of the species can’t always be trusted…
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Make Me Listen was originally released in 2016 under the title Undeniable.

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